Irrespective of whether you are a headhunter, in-house recruiter or hiring manager, a candidate’s experience of your recruitment process is one of your most important tools. The first person a candidate meets as the representative of your company is you. gives you a platform with which to brand your approach and professionalism.You are able to optimise and enhance your recruitment process through continuous feedback from the candidates you meet during the recruitment process.

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Get closer to your candidates

With regular reviews of your recruitment process, you gain an insight into what candidates think about your recruitment process.

Optimize your recruitment process

By using the reviews you receive from candidates, you have the ultimate management tool for optimizing your recruitment process.

Employer branding & bottom line

A professional approach to your recruitment process will attract high-quality candidates. When your recruitment process is as good as it can be, this positive difference will impact your company’s bottom line.

Engage with your candidates

Create a FREE company account and get an overview of your recruitment performance. Engage with candidates by replying to reviews – your response will be posted as a reply to a review.


Show your succes

Your success is not show off – it is usable facts. Integrate your ratings in your marketing if you are a recruiter at an agency, or in your employer branding if you are a hiring manager in a company. 


Ratings impact your employer brand

Candidates meet many faces on their way to the dream job. Make sure they remember your recruitment process as positive and professional. Use the succes stories actively as part of your marketing strategy. It will help attract the most competent candidates.