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When you have submitted a rating, our team will ensure that the rating is complied with our guidelines before publishing it.
You can rate the recruitment process of all danish companies and recruitment agencies.
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Yes. Your company reviews will be visible to anyone visiting

Yes, you need to set up a profile in order to respond to a review that you have received. But you can read reviews without creating a profile.

This is to verify that the user who signed up is actually a representative of the company that is being rated.
No. You can’t delete a rating your company has received, but you can reply to the rating. verifies all reviews and ensures that our privacy policy are complied with. Our team manually reads and verifies all reviews before publishing. verifies all reviews and ensures that our guidelines are complied with. Find out more under our guidelines. Our team manually reads and verifies all reviews before publishing.

We have several steps implemented in our process to ensure that all users and their reviews are legitimate. However, in the event that a company believes a review to be fake, the company can choose to “flag” it and it will undergo an investigation. See below:

  1. contacts the candidate who has given the rating via e-mail
  2. will contact the candidate 3 times within a 48 hours interval and if no response will remove the rating for good.
  3. If receive a response, we will ask the person to document they have been in a recruitment process with the given company
  4. Once received documentation confirms to the company weather it is a legit rating or not
When you have submitted a response to a rating, our team will ensure that it is complied with our guidelines before publishing it.
No, the company name will appear as sender of the response. Read more regarding anonymity in our guidelines.


Let’s start with the most important thing: does NOT sell your personal information. makes money from providing general data to companies, related to recruitment. We do this so companies can improve their recruitment processes for the benefit of candidates and their own employer brands. Candidates will always remain 100% anonymous. Read more under our guidelines.
We publish all reviews that comply with our guidelines. can be used by candidates to share their recruitment experience at any company or recruitment agency. Companies and recruitment agencies can use to engage with their candidates and to improve their recruitment processes.
No, at the moment you can only rate companies and recruitment agencies that are registered in CVR database.