The people behind corprate.io have more than 20 years of combined experience from the recruitment and headhunter industry. They have been working on both sides of the table as hiring managers and headhunters, and therefore they understand recruitment processes from different angles. They have experienced first-hand how these processes are approached and how the different approaches affect candidates and companies both in the short and long term. 



Based on their own experience and input from the industry, the people behind Corprate.io have observed an increasing need for more focus on the value of good recruitment processes. At the same time, they have experienced that far too many candidates have lacked a place to share and report their experiences. Based on this, Corprate.io has come into being. 


With the launch of Corprate.io they have a mission to create more fairness and transparency in recruitment processes. It is also an opportunity for companies and recruitment agencies to get honest and continuous feedback from candidates. This way they can improve their recruitment flow based on real data. 


The vision for the future is clear. With Corprate.io the desire is eventually to become the preferred rating platform for recruitment processes across all industries. For a start in the Danish market, but with a clear ambition to quickly expand to other countries. 

Corprate.io is also set in the world with a mission to reduce discrimination in recruitment processes based on age, gender, religion, origin, etc. We believe that increased focus on this is, or should be, in the interest of companies and recruitment agencies. Through feedback from candidates we allow companies and recruitment agencies to focus on their areas of improvement, and we become wiser about what “best practice” is in regards to recruitment processes.